Photographie post

Photography is the art of capturing and processing light using a sensor or film. In the hands of Joseph Nicephore Niepce, captured the first permanent image in France around 1830. The goal of photography is to capture and share moments with the world. It is pretty simple, but the act itself has the power to alter how others see things.
A photo can convey countless significant stories and have a deeper meaning. Photography has the inherent ability to be interpreted in various ways, especially in contemporary photography and art. When evaluating an image, everyone has their own opinion.
In the past, photography provided portraits for those who couldn’t afford paintings. Photography now has a broader range of uses. In the case of product photography, its sole cause is to sell products. Meanwhile, an individual’s identity, personality, and story are intended to be revealed through portrait photography.
Photography is a way for professional and amateur photographers to capture special moments in life and preserve them in a photograph that one can look back at quickly, anytime. Photography can “freeze” time, keeping the memory alive until the paper degrades.

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